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Introduction of Luofu Mountain

Located in the central part of ‘Tourism and Leisure Corridor’ in Lin Nan, Luofu Mountain links Guangzhou, Foshan in the west, Dongguan, Shenzhen in the south, and neighbors Hong Kong, Macao, and Southeast Asia. It is the supportive and representative scenic area in the tourist golden triangle of ‘Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Huizhou’. Luofu Mountain is endowed with picturesque scenery and pleasant weather, along with numerous myths, legends, and historical sites. It covers over 260km², containing 432 mountains and hills, over 980 well-known waterfalls and springs, 18 caves, 72 stone cottages and unique rocks.

Honored as the 7th Fairyland (in 10), and the 34th blessed place (in 72) in Taoism since long time ago. It is also entitled the Luofu Mountain National Park of China, the First Hill of Lin Nan, the Abode of Immortals and one of the ten famous Taoist mountains in China. Meanwhile, it is where the Taoist Immortal Ge Hong practiced the doctrine of Taoism in Dong Jin Dynasty, and where the Headquarter of Dongjiang Column located in Anti-Japanese War years.[read more]